Over the weekend, I spent time in the Nightwatch shelter doing some minor renovation with a long-time volunteer. Everything about the job went better than expected. In other words, it was not an all-day ordeal.

I went home and collapsed in a heap. It’s been awhile since I’ve exerted myself physically, and I’m not 40 anymore! The heat didn’t help.

About 8:30 that night I roused myself and suggested to the wife that we should go get a little pampering at a neighborhood restaurant. Wifey agreed. We got in the car. Dead battery. Somehow, I left the lights on all day long, from my morning project. What to do?

My phone buzzed. It was a homeless friend texting me. She wanted to know if I knew anything about long-haul trucking. I texted back what I knew. I also told her I was looking for a jump. She responded immediately. “I’m on my way.”

Within 10 minutes we had the car running. It was really amazing. “For once, I rescued you!” She was so happy, and of course, so was I.

She’s in a transitional program, has a car, and is back to work. It’s been long path, and is still not resolved, but she was there when I needed it, and I know Nightwatch has been there for her too, several times over the past few years. It was a good reminder that homeless people have potential to be assets to this community, and can demonstrate neighborliness. It’s not the first time I’ve been rescued by a homeless person.