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Without volunteers, there is no Operation Nightwatch.

Volunteers keep us on track, deliver the food, make up the menu and fix the meals. Volunteers visit the seniors, go out on the street, hand out the sandwiches, and listen to the stories. Volunteers collect the socks, and other volunteers hand them out.

Operation Nightwatch is an amazing kaleidoscope of volunteers working to make life better for homeless people and senior residents.

Come alone or come with friends. Volunteering at Nightwatch will change you in ways you cannot imagine.

Current volunteer needs

Evening Meal Helpers

Bring a few friends to Nightwatch to prepare and serve a meal for 100-130 of our homeless guests!

Groups can come check our pantry or purchase their own food. Either way, you create a menu, put the meal together, and start serving at 8:45 pm. Usually the groups are done serving and headed home by 9:30 pm. Start time depends on how complex your meal will be, usually around 6:00 or 7:00 pm. Must be high school age or older.

Call/text 206-482-8123 or email marica@seattlenightwatch.org

Dispatch/Shelter Chaplaincy Volunteer

We are looking for Ministers of Presence to volunteer at our nightly Dispatch Center and with our 24-senior housing residents. Specifically, we are looking for ordained clergy and/or certified chaplains to be available for listening, talking, and connecting with clients, seniors, staff, and volunteers on a one-on-one level. We ask them to be available in the evenings, once per week, for 2 hours. If you are interested, please reach out to frank@seattlenightwatch.org

Shelter Drivers

Help is needed transporting small groups of homeless people to nearby shelter locations on Saturdays. Hours are 9:00 – 10:00 pm. Must have a Washington State driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
For more details, please call/text 206-482-8123 or email marica@seattlenightwatch.org

Senior Friend

Our senior tenants are special people and in need of special friends. During this pandemic, to help keep them safe, we are restricting people from entering the building. You can still be a friend to a senior by dropping off treats or small gifts, to remind them that they are not forgotten.  This page has a list of suggested items. (Scroll down to the Senior Housing section.)
Call 206-860-4296 or email seniorhousing@seattlenightwatch.org.

Street Ministry

Street outreach requires a weekly time commitment, and minimum of six months, in order to develop relationships and a knowledge of community services. Background check required, as well as certain reading materials. We ask that potential volunteers in this ministry are able to adhere to the mission of Nightwatch, to love our neighbors in keeping with Jesus’ instructions.
If you are interested, please call/text 206-482-8123 or email marica@seattlenightwatch.org

For general volunteer inquiries: volunteer@seattlenightwatch.org

Download a Volunteer Application, complete and email it to volunteer@seattlenightwatch.org.

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