Hey, Preach. You for real? Listen to me, man.
I give good advice to everyone but myself,
Lord, don’t I know.
I tell my friend what to do with his money,
Then throw mine away.
I need you to pray for me. Right now.
Pray. Use the right words. It’s the right time.
— I pray for his wisdom and strength
Amen. You know what? This shelter is just fine.
They give you food, and clothes, and a place to sleep.
But they don’t give you nothing for right here.
A long bony finger jabs into his own chest,
poking at his heart.
You guys are here on Thursday
We love the pizzas and all
But a man needs more than food.
Silently, he pokes his chest again, jabbing.
You gotta step it up. Once a week won’t do.
Yeah, step it up.