Homeless people are attached to their pets, just like the rest of us. When a dog dies, the whole camp suffers.

But what happens next is tragic. How can you properly dispose of the much-loved remains?

Last night someone in a homeless camp asked me if I could help in any way with the cremation. “Let me find out. Call me in the morning.” I had to think about it. I got no idea what a cremation for a pet would cost. And wouldn’t it be better to spend that $100 (or whatever) on the human needs I’m facing every day?

I started musing about the importance of pets to people who have lost nearly everything: home, jobs, friendships, sense of self-worth. But through thick and thin, a dog will provide comfort, loyalty, structure, and some level of accountability even though the rest of a homeless person’s life may be spinning out of control.

The grief is real. I have to help.