Nightwatch Shelter Update

A Nightwatch shelter got bounced in February.

This is the story of where we’ve been and where we’re (hopefully) going.

Seventy-five guys from Nightwatch were displaced by a city-funded program for 75 homeless people. Less than a month after giving us a 90-day notice, demolition began. The City offered use of a small room at the Seattle Center (for 65 guys) and then a few weeks in the Seattle Municipal Tower (which could only sleep 51 guys). The Parks Department had a surplus building slated for demolition in September. So for a few months we have housed 72 men on Boat Street in the U District.

That will end August 31. And then? We’re still not sure.

Today, we’re entering into final discussions with a church for using some of their basement space. And we are talking to different organizations about running the shelter for us. It will mean a reduction in size from 72 men, but we also have some irons in the fire to make sure no one is left outside, for now.

Thanks for your help. Nightwatch depends on hundreds of volunteers each month, and the contributions of concerned and generous people like you. We need to get people inside and safe at night. It’s better for everyone.

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